Bonded Care Plus Mattress

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Finesse Bonded Care Plus is a sleep solution designed to elevate your comfort and transform your sleep experience. Its unique construction features a memory foam top layer for plush softness, a virgin foam layer for customised support, all resting on a dependable bonded foam core for superior support and durability. The memory foam contours to the shape of your body, relieving pressure points for a truly revitalizing slumber. Experience the perfect blend of luxury and stability with Bonded Care Plus and say hello to nights of unparalleled restorative sleep.


• Medium-Firm Feel
• Even Firmness
• Gentle Comfort
• Enhanced Support
• Superior Air Circulation
• Reversible Mattress
• Body Contour
• Responsive Luxurious Comfort
• Pressure Relief

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What’s the mattress made of?

Revolutionary Mattress Cover

Foam mattress with knitted fabric cover, removable for easy spot cleaning.

High Density Hybrid Foam Mattress Core

By using superior technology, flocks of foam are made into a high-density hybrid foam core. This hybrid core prevents sagging and provides adequate body support and comfort.

Superior Air Flow Technology

The use of SAN Polyol promotes open cell structure in the foam mattress core maximizing airflow.

Perfect Comfort

Made of ultra-cell high-density bonded foam. Topped with memory foam. Finished in high gsm knitted fabric with zipper. This layered mattress gives optimum support and great comfort. Cotton fabric is used as the primary cover.


Look what’s inside the mattress

Look what’s inside the mattress

Additional information

Thickness (in)

5", 6"

Dimensions (in)

72" x 36", 72" x 48", 72" x 60", 72" x 72", 75" x 36", 75" x 48", 75" x 60", 75" x 72", 78" x 36", 78" x 48", 78" x 60", 78" x 66", 78" x 72", 84" x 36", 84" x 48", 84" x 60", 84" x 66", 84" x 72", 84" x 66"


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